The right man for the job

This certainly applies to the AQwaTech team.

Each one of us has years of experience in our fields.

Together we form a complementary team that is committed to the health and happiness of all life forms.

Lode Denecker
Lode DeneckerCEO
Lode has a background in pharmaceuticals, management, agriculture, animal husbandry and horticulture. This has given him a wealth of experience in water treatment and human, animal and plant health.
Pol Van Welden
Pol Van WeldenCTO
Pol’s background is in hardware and software development, management, complementary medicine and water treatment. Pol is responsible for R&D at AQwaTech BV.
Wim Danneels
Wim DanneelsCOO
Wim has a background in sales, logistics, transport and service management. Wim is responsible for production and logistics at AQwaTech BV.