We observed that in intensive Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry and Aquaculture there are many problems concerning the health of animals and plants which affect the productivity.

We see

  • Different sectors…
  • Different problems…
  • Different treatments…
  • Different kinds of feed…

But we observe that there is only one common denominator, water:

Our AQwaTech solution

The water is treated by low frequent induction whereby the tension between the water molecules increases and as such the clusters reduce. Hereby water with the original properties of spring water is obtained.

The AQwaTech technology can be applied on all kinds of water: city-, rain-, well water,…
The unit is installed non-invasive on the water tube and fits all diameters and all kinds of tubes: copper, plastic and metal.
The technology is applied in animal husbandry (pigs, poultry, cattle,…), horticulture (strawberries, chicory, tomatoes,…) and aquaculture. The units are remotely managed by our central management system.



Technical results

  • The limescale is more coherent and easier to remove
  • The biofilm dissolves
  • Much better ATP values: less bacteria, yeasts and molds
  • There is more oxygen in the water
  • Anti-oxidant action because there are more free electrons available

    Effect of the AQwaTech water treatment on the germination of Basil after 7 days.


Results in plants and animals:

  • Health improvement of plants and animals
  • Animals are less stressed
  • Immunity improvement
  • More and faster germination
  • More and finer roots of plants
  • Water is easier absorbed
  • Increased production and efficiency